Who we are:
Since our establishment in 1985 the
Maryland All Canary Club (MACC) has
promoted the canary fancy in Maryland
and the surrounding states by
encouraging and supporting hobbyists to
breed and exhibit their canaries.  As our
name implies, we are an "all" canary
club that welcomes breeders of Type,
Color-Bred and Song canaries as well as
novices with "Kitchen Canaries."  
MACC's membership includes some of
the most successful exhibition canary
breeders in the country.  We enjoy our
birds and we enjoy sharing our
knowledge about them with others.  If
you want to learn about canaries,
MACC is the place to be.

Through  bi-monthly meetings, special
events, newsletters, this website and "The
Fall Classic Canary Show" each
October, we ensure that our members
enjoy the  best that the canary hobby
has to offer.

Over two dozen canary enthusiasts are
presently members of MACC.  Won't
you join them?
The Maryland All Canary Club
MACC Happenings

Next Meeting -- September 2016, date to be determined
Our next meeting will be held at the Best Western Hotel, 1100 Cromwell Bridge Road in
Towson, site of our Fall Classic.  Board members are requested to be present promptly at 1:00
p.m.  The regular meeting will start at 2:00 p.m.  Please join us.

Judges for Fall Classic
We're pleased to announced that Mr. Louis Belchior of Massachusetts will judge our type
canaries and Mr.  Tom Yang of Michigan will judge our American Singers.
Click on the photo for a picture summary of last year's Fall Classic.
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